Saturday, May 15, 2010

Is it sad....? ( and a question for you all ? )

That I am overly excited about a yummy new treasure of a restaurant that recently opened in my town ?? Maybe...but when you live in a small town that rarely surprises you, a place serving sushi and bento's is enough to send me over the edge!!!! Ok, so their sushi list is VERY limited, and it is comparable to buffet sushi or grocery store sushi, but when it's the only place in town that serves it... it's still pretty magical! But don't get me wrong the food is GREAT...the sushi was actually my least favorite part...I had a deeeelicious bento, and soup...and the decor was adorable!! Annnd...THEY DELIVER! Seriously, this is RARE in my town...the only places that deliver are pizza places, and one Chinese place! I guess this post really doesn't make a difference to most of you ( other than disco cheese ), but I am just soooo excited :D

In other news I picked up two adorable shirts today, and am excited!! I also ordered Daria, and bought some yummy perfume! All in all not a bad day...even if my boyfriend was a total jerkface and made me cry. This weekend is going to be filled with more cleaning :( I can't wait until I have more free time to finish decorating my blog, and can really sit down and write up some posts other than my happenings of the day. :) I hope you will all continue to follow me as I attempt to fall into some sort of blogging groove. I will also try to start adding photo's, because blog posts are so much more fun when they have pictures :)

I hope you all have a faaaabulous weekend! Hopefully more posts soon!!

( here is my photo's are saved and stored on my computer the right direction but for some reason when I post them here they are showing up upside I a total idiot and missing something??? )

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  1. I get excited over any new japanese or thai restaurant that comes to town so I totally understand!! Amazing that they deliver. I wish ours did.