Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Better late than never....

So, after posting two whole blogs without an official introduction I suppose it is time to introduce myself to the blogging world :) ( I am tempted to take my first two posts down, because I came off pretty whiny, and unfriendly in the first, and that is def. not who I am day to day )

Lets begin!

I am Heather! I am a 25 year old stay at home mommy of two wonnnderful children! Leelah-5, and Lennon-8 months. I have a boyfriend/fiance, ( whatever you wanna call him )who I have been with 2 years, and I love him to death! He is my total polar opposite, and makes me angry every single day... but somehow we work together. I have two step children ( even though the bf and I aren't married, we ARE a family. ) who keep me BUSY during their visits, and despite my frustrations, love them VERY much.

What I enjoy...

I love to read, and we frequently make visits to the library and are involved in the many wonderful library programs our local library makes me heart happy to have a daughter who loves to "read" as much as I do! I enjoy cooking/baking, and collecting all sorts of kitchen gadgets...especially dishes! I am a huuuuge fan of colorful dishes, but am too broke to buy Fiestaware...therefore I have made it my mission to find colorful beautiful dishes at thrift stores at a majjjjor fraction of the cost! I love crafting, and collecting. I am not super talented at sewing just yet, but with my handy dandy Hello Kitty sewing machine I am determined that one day I will be. Next is photography...I LOVE it. It is my passion...I don't let the fact that I have a really super sucky camera stand in my way! I photograph everything I possibly can, and am super excited that my secretagentloverman will be getting me a nicer one next Christmas! I love movies, and music, and so many other things, but most of all I love being a mother. It is everything to me. Seriously.


I am a big girl...Meaning, I am fat and if you read my previous post ( despite my negative attitude in it...) I am ok with it most days... I am not going to lie, I have days where I would give anything to be able to fit into certain things, and wish I felt a little more sexy...but I accept who I am, and try and love myself no matter what. I look at so many blogs here and see how cute, and even sexy these girls are and it gives me inspiration to try and give myself a chance instead of giving up... ( even if I do have those days where I want to )

I also forgot to mention that I looooooove thriftstore shopping, and bargain hunting! It is truly on of my great passions! Money is sometimes tight around know, since we have 4 children total, being thrifty is a major priority to me.

For now that is pretty much all I can think of...although I am sure there is much more, but my achy flu ridden body/mind doesn't seem to have the energy to dig to much deeper :) If you have any questions I would love to answer them, and wouldn't mind doing a random survey here and there either ( they often seem to have quirky questions that I enjoy answering! ) so feel free to ask away :)

P.S. My blog is still under a lot of construction...I haven't quite worked out what sort of theme I am going for...if any, and am trying to figure everything out! Please stick with me while I figure all of this out!!

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