Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am sad because as I suspected the Daria box set including the t-shirt is sold out! How will I ever continue on ?? HOW I ASK YOU!?!

Anyways...today is a day of pj's and King of the Hill! (Even though that's not much different than any other day for us.) Leelah woke up sick this morning and didn't feel well enough to go to preschool, so I told her to put her gown back on and pick out a movie...and she picked "Hank Hill" ( as she calls it )! So today is one of those days where laying around being lazy feels even more amazing than usual because it was unexpected! Those days are the best, even when I was young and in school myself, nothing felt better than a day when I got to stay home from school and snuggle in my blankets for hours and hours...even if I was actually sick!

In other news...

My house is gradually getting cleaner...My bf has promised that if I clean our house really really well that I can call the satellite people and have them come and hook us up! I am not really big on TV, but there are a few shows I can't wait to watch again! Not to mention having the Food Network back! Yesss. I live out in the middle of nowhere and cable isn't available, so I am forced to have super terrible internet, and satellite....( Oh, great. Now I am going to be singing Hanson songs in my head all day now. )but I am still grateful to be getting anything at at all! However...I am a super slow cleaner, and it's not too easy with a teething baby..(eep), so it's taking me a little longer than it probably should, and bf is getting impatient...even though he isn't ever home, and doesn't get to watch it anyways..??? Hmm.

I guess I am just going to accept that this is our home for the next year or so...( I live in the woods in a home I own that is waaaay too tiny, and falling apart )until we can save up the money to buy something better. Has anyone ever lived somewhere that makes them just feel crappy in general?? That sorta drains the life out of you ?? Ok, maybe I am just crazy, but not being happy with my surroundings drastically affects my mood. It's not fun. Point of this story is that I am going to do my best to make this time better, happier. I made a list of things to do around the house, and to buy to maybe make it a little more livable...I will share that list a little later today, but for now I suppose I am going to go try to figure out a yummy sick friendly lunch for my buggie. Until then....


  1. URMMMM....I agree with the whole feels-crappy-about-where-I-live sorta thing. I'm okay with our home mainly because it has more space than our stupid apartment we used to have and it has a pretty big yard. The neighborhood is clean and pretty... but at the same time we have super weird neighbors. That and the outside of our trailer looks horrible right now... bleh. Not to mention falling apart. Holes, leaking when it rains, ants (bleh-barf). Someday I wish we could move to a cute house in the country somewhere.. but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

  2. My place isn't all terrible, but it it sooo small. It IS a three bedroom, but the kitchen and living room are pretty tiny, not to mention the bathroom...It's awful. Everything needs painted, and I am no good at it, and Tim is never home! I am pretty sure I am going to sweet talk my Dad into coming over and helping paint and fix a few things.

    Oh, and I know what you mean about the ants thing...we have them too. I think that if you live in a mobile home you are destined to have them...because seriously I have never heard of anyone who did that didn't have them at one time or the other...kinda goes with the territory I guess. I am planning on staying the night somewhere in the next few weeks and bombing the crap out of this place...those ants are tricky little bastards though....they NEVER go away. Hmph.